The Totally Hot Song is the ending theme for the Exchange Student Zero movie. It is the Totally Hot's very own theme song.

Entity Deck


I'm a cosmic girl from an interdimensional game!
And a fragile world, easy to annihilate!
So let's swirl, let's star rain!
Yeah, let's dance cuz tomorrow you could all disintegrate!
If I wanted to, I could decapitate!
I could tell you, you have skinny one lace.
Sometimes candy hurts be a messy fate.
So let's dance cuz tomorrow you could all disintegrate!
Give me a kiss!
Cuz I'm wanting you I'm gonna do this!
Hold me in the right mood, cuz I could turn you into dog food.
You've got a lot to learn. (You've got a lot to learn.)
Gotta love!

Any minute, I could decimate!
Timebomb's ticking, soon it'll be too late!
Move the steel foil that I get on your skates!
So make life Cinderella at a ball,
And let's seal life to be spotted on the wall.
Darling, dance cuz tomorrow you could all disintegrate! (All disintegrate!)

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