Students Slambook

Student's Slambook is a game on Cartoon Network's website. It is a top trumps game where you need to get all the card in the deck by defeating the opponent in a stat battle. Player will select a stat in his current card to compare to the opponent. the winning player will get all the current card.

How to Play

  • At the start of the game, each player is given an equal amount of cards.
  • On your turn, select a stat you think is higher than the opponent's card stat.
  • If you have the highest stat value, you will get the card used by your opponent(s) for that round!
  • The stats are attack, health, defense, brains, magic and courage.
  • The player wins by collecting all 36 cards!

2, 3, 4 Player Mode

  • Players decide on their player numbers.
  • The device will be passed on to the player on their turn.