Felintine is a minor entity of the series of the Battle Day/Exchange Student Zero Saga.


She is Sensei's new prized pupil of the dojo and appears to be at par with her predecessor. Having recently taken Amonsun's place she is likely to be younger.


A female cat version of Amonsun, she is pleasantly cute while dormant and possibly possessing the same abilities as her male counterpart. She is described as loyal to a would-be master, clever and very dangerous against foes.


She is a cat with pink fur and smooth light pink eyes. Unlike Amonsun she is slightly more massive in size, having a larger head and body and having longer tail and limbs.



In "His Life as a Dog," it was revealed Amonsun had a calendar of her possibly of having an interest.

In "Amonsun Under Fire," they personally met inside the dojo during a sparring session. However, it ended with a draw and him stretching her face wide. They are likely to be friends or neutral to each other.


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