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Exchange Student Zero (2015) is a TV series based on the film was announced as the first Cartoon Network show produced in Australia,[1] where the two original creators joins Patrick Crawley. It premiered in the Asia-Pacific region on September 26, 2015,[2][3] and finally the setting was changed from Perth, Australia to an U.S. town called South Port.


The story of John Stitt and Max Cameron, two boys fanatical for the card game "Battle Day Zero," based on an alternate anime world. One day the combination of a wild storm and a mysterious booster pack suddenly means they can bring Hiro, one of the game's characters into their world. Excited but worried their secret will be discovered, the boys decide to take Hiro to school where he is mistaken for a Japanese exchange student. Despite this temporary solution the portal being open means that more people and monsters from Hiro's world can travel to Earth, wreaking havoc on the small town. The boys decide in order to get things back to normal they must send Hiro back but not before their school dance is overrun with Battle Day Zero characters.

There’s a new Hiro in town!

Fantasy becomes reality when the dark forces from a tactical card game are unleashed into our world. The good news… the most powerful card in the deck is on our side. The bad news… two 14 year old boys are running the show! Civilization might be teetering on the edge but rest easy as our heroes are on the case – provided they can fit it in between bin duty, an errant older sister and their eternal quest to impress girls.


Season 1 (2015-present)

Title Original air date Prod. Code
1 Good Old Bad Old Days September 26, 2015 101
2 Denmead for Denmead October 3, 2015 102
3 School Photo October 10, 2015 103
4 Reign of Error October 17, 2015 104
5 His Life as a Dog October 24, 2015 105
6 Prince Harming October 31, 2015 106
7 See Ya Later, Gladiator November 7, 2015 107
8 Amonsun Under Fire November 14, 2015 108
9 Sweet Potato November 21, 2015 109
10 I'll Take the Couch November 28, 2015 110
11 Mystic Skater December 5, 2015 111
12 Dad to the Bone December 12, 2015 112
13 Dead Cute December 19, 2015 113


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