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Entities are the forces summoned by Personalities (or the Card Players) to either achieve victory or suffer defeat.



  • You can only have four Entities in play at a given time.
    • Also you can't summon an Entity of the same name when the latter is already in your area.
  • The Entity deck is composed of ten cards, with three of the cards being members of you Clique.
    • Cliques are exclusive cards that belong to a specific Personality.


Entities have important stats such as Attack, Defense, Health, Recovery, traits and a special ability.

  • AttackAttack determines how much damage an Entity can deal when it is attacking.
  • DefenseDefense reflects how much damage an Entity can ignore when it is attacked.
    • Most Entities start with Defense at zero, and gain Defense through Equipment and other cards.
  • HealthHealth shows how much damage an Entity can take before getting knocked out.
    • Knocked out Entities are forcibly removed from the Battle Area and moved to the Infirmary.
  • RecoveryRecovery is how much Health can recover if he/she/it does not attack during the combat phase.
  • Traits are important because there are many other cards that grant, gain or lose effects when certain traits come into play.


All cards have an ability, and abilities are pretty much active until the Entity is knocked out or certain rules say otherwise.