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Battle Day Zero is an ancient card game as old as the multi-verse itself. For those fluent in the art of card play, it bestows the power to traverse between worlds and summon armies at will. The Kingdoms of the Multiverse fought fiercely over this power until eventually exhausted from centuries of war. They form a truce and banish the cards to a safe and faraway place.


  • To reduce the opponent's life points to zero before your own does.


  • You can only attack the Personalty (or player) if you have more Entities than he or she has.
  • Unlike most games, in this one you have two decks of cards to play with.
    • The Entity Deck and the Battle Deck.

Entity Deck

Main article: Entity

The Entity Deck is composed of ten cards, with three of the cards being members of your Clique.

  • A Clique are a group of exclusive cards to specific Personality.

Once you no longer have any cards in you Entity Deck, you can take an action to reshuffle the Infirmary back to your empty Entity Deck.

Battle Deck

The Battle Deck is composed of 35 cards, with each card being either Event or an Equipment.

Battle Deck cards, on the other hand, are placed in the Archive after being used, or in the case of Equipment, after the Entity using them is knocked out. There is no way to reshuffle the Archive back into your empty Battle Deck. Once the Battle Deck is empty, all your Entities already in your area gain 1 Attack per turn.


  • Max claims that the game dates back to 1996.