Battle Day Brawl
Battle for the school, Hiro! Or else we'll kick you out!
Principal Rogerson

Battle Day Brawl is a game on Cartoon Network's website. Choose your actions wisely to help Hiro become the hero of his school in this fighting game! Battle for the school or else he’ll get expelled.

How to Play

  • Defeat you enemy before they defeat you!
  • Per turn quickly choose any of these actions to execute before the countdown timer runs out.
    • You can still cange your action before the countdown timer drops to zero. If you choose nothing, you will perform a random action!

Boost Attack

  • Powers up your attack.

Boost Counterattack

  • Powers up your counterattack.
    • You will gain additional power when used against a Counterattack.


  • Deals damage based on power


  • Blocks an enemy's attack then attacks back. Damage dealt is based on power.
    • Damage dealt is doubled if the counterattack's power is the same or higher than the opponent's attack power. Other wise, Hiro will be damaged bu the opponent's excess attack power.

Entity Deck